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Adopting A Pet

The staff of Gibson County Animal Services strives to pair the right animal with the right owner.  It is our desire to make life fun and enjoyable for both the adoptee and the adopted.  Thus, we have established certain adoption policies and procedures to help achieve this goal.

Adopt A Shelter AnimalFirst, we encourage prospective owners to utilize our large exercise area in front of the shelter.  Feel free to take any animal you are considering for adoption to this area and get to know each other before making the commitment to adopt.  Spending time together helps you learn the animal’s temperament and personality.

Once you have chosen your new pet, the staff may ask you for some type of veterinary or other reference.  Please do not be offended or upset!  We try very hard to make sure the animals passing through our doors go to the best homes possible.  We want those homes to be both loving and permanent.

GCAS is a limited space shelter.  Our policy is that we cannot hold animals.  If you live farther than 100 miles from Gibson County and are applying for adoption online, we must receive all requested information within 2 business days.  Once approved, you must pay the adoption fee and make arrangements to pick up the animals within 3 business days.  Filling out the application completely will expedite the process.

After we have verified your references, you will be given a copy of our adoption contract to read and sign.

After the adoption paperwork is complete, Gibson County Animal Services staff will provide you with a voucher to present to your veterinarian to cover the cost of spaying or neutering your pet.  All unaltered animals must be spayed or neutered.  All pure bred animals WILL be altered prior to adoption completion.

GCAS Standard Operating Policy is we will hold NO animals. Strays and vaccinated puppies/kittens are held 10 days. If an application is filled out and on file, that application is the first to be reviewed, but does in no way guarantee an adoption.

GCAS reserves the right to refuse ANY adoption.

Click here to read our Adoption Policy for Large Breed Dogs.

The adoption process is rather simple, but very important.  If you have any questions regarding our adoption policies and procedures, please feel free to contact us.

Download Adoption ApplicationClick the link above to download the Adoption Application.